Role-Playing Game

Over a decade ago, I began writing my own role-playing game system. As can be the case with such large scale hobbyist projects, I tended to work on it for a few weeks at a time, and then left it to gather dust for months or years.

Part of what impeded my progress every time is that I have a tendency to slip into writing comments and rationale when I want to explain rules. Realizing that’s the case, I’ve decided to launch a series of blog posts on RPG rules, in which I present that rationale, while gathering the actual rules I’m describing in a very condensed form right here.

The aim of this is to come up with a set of RPG rules that:

  1. Focus on mechanics over storytelling.
  2. Are simple, because that makes them easier to learn.
  3. Are monotonous, because that makes them easier to habitualize.

For a rationale/explanation, see Role-Playing Game Basics.