PyLicious Releases

Release 0.13 aka “Python on a Plane”1

  1. Massively optimized memory consumption and optimized execution speed by about 30% (in my test case).

Release 0.12

  1. Add a --extras-file parameter for specifying nested extra defines via a file generated with the Python shelve module.

Release 0.11

An extra-special Christmas change:

  1. Create output subdirectories more consistently.
  2. Add support for output file aliases, i.e. other names that link to the output file. Since this uses symbolic links, it’s only supported on UNIX and will throw exceptions on other platforms.

Release 0.10

Release announced here. Changes include:

  1. The My Info » Notes section of music items in Delicious Library is now available to you via the $notes variable in the templates.
  2. Added help text when running PyLicious with the --help parameter.
  3. A logo! (not included in the download, but you can ogle it on the site).

Release 0.9

Initial release, originally announced here.

  1. Named thus because development took place in the lobby of Schiphol Airport []