PyLicious is a Python script for converting the database file Delicious Library produces to any form of text. For an example of what PyLicious can produce, simply browse to the music section of this website.

PyLicious was created primarily to generate the parts of this website, and therefore pretty much only supports those features that I personally need. In practice, that means that PyLicious does two things that are very specific to my own needs:

  1. It extracts only the information I’m interested in, which means it’s currently restricted to handling music items, and won’t extract all the information displayed in the Delicious Library program.
  2. It translates some of the extracted information (such as album titles or artists) into a format that can be used as part of a URL. Mostly that means replacing whitespace and special characters with underscores.

Other than that, the script is a general purpose converter that outputs just about any form of text you might need.


PyLicious requires a Python interpreter to run. Python comes with “batteries included”, but, unfortunately, not with everything you need to run PyLicious. In addition to the interpreter, you will need to install the Cheetah template package. On the plus side, though, that means the templates you use with PyLicious are regular Cheetah templates, with all the power that Cheetah provides.


PyLicious is Free Software released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. That means you can pretty much do with the software whatever you want, provided that when you redistribute it, you do so under the same license.


You can download the latest version of PyLicious here. If you want more information on what the version contains, see the releases page.


I’ve not set up PyLicious as a proper Free Software project, with publicly accessible version control system, etc., because that’s an unnecessary amount of hassle unless/until people get interested in contributing to the project. For now, if you have patches, send them to me by email. If you want to report bugs or request features, email me as well.