Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable

There’s been a fair amount of text dedicated to Denon’s hugely expensive audio cables, which appear to be… well, read for yourself. The following are reviews from, pulled here to preserve them for posterity. I copied all that were available until some time on 2008-06-19. Seventeen pages of this are enough, after all.

Userfriendly also has a chain of cartoons dedicated to the cables up now.

Disappointing quality, June 11, 2008

Michael McKinley
A caution to people buying these: if you do not follow the “directional markings” on the cables, your music will play backwards. Please check that before mentioning it in your reviews.

I was disappointed. I consider myself an audiophile – I regularly spend over $1000 on cables to get the ultimate sound. I keep my music-listening room in a Faraday cage to prevent any interference that could alter my music-listening experience. Sending any signal down ordinary copper can degrade the signal considerably. While ordinary listeners might not notice, to somebody with even a rudimentary knowledge of sound, the artifacts are glaring. Denon should have used silver wiring (hermetically sealed inside the rubber sheath to prevent any tarnishing, of course), which has a significantly higher conductivity than copper. Furthermore, Denon needs to treat the wires they use in the cable with a polarity inductor to ensure minimal phase variance.

Needless to say, I returned the cable and wrote an angry letter to the so-called engineers at Denon.

It gets me closer to The Lord, June 11, 2008

G. P. (Phoenix, AZ)
If I could use a rusty boxcutter to carve a new orifice in my body that’s compatible with this link cable, I would already be doing it. I can just imagine the pure musical goodness that would flow through this cable into the wound and fill me completely — like white, holy light. Holding this cable in my hands actually makes me feel that much closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. I only make $6.25/hr at Jack In The Box, but I saved up for three months so I could have this cable. It sits in a shrine I constructed next to my futon in Mother’s basement.

I only gave it four stars in my review because I can’t find music that is worthy enough to flow through this utterly perfect interconnect.

Utterly dishonest, June 11, 2008

Aaron Contorer (San Diego, USA)
There is no such thing as a “quality” digital connection. This product description is astonishingly misleading. You can get the exact same connection from a $5 digital cable.

Use at your own risk!, June 16, 2008

Patrick Carroll “Winebibber. Java/JEE Develo… (Atlanta, GA USA)
I installed one of these cables between my gigabit ethernet switch and my Canon Pixma 6700 color printer. I know it’s not a sanctioned use, but I was looking for the ultimate in speed and color fidelity. I’m freaky that way.

The first time I downloaded a picture to the printer over this cable, the bits moved so fast the printer collapsed into a naked singularity, right there in my office.

Since then, I can’t find the cat, and my entire set of VAX/VMS 4.7 documentation (DEC Will Rise Again!) (Mmmmm, orangey!) has gone missing.

Please, for the love of God, please, do not use these cables! The very existence of Earth may depend on your decision!

You make joke, yes? Please say yes. Please. Really., June 13, 2008

718tech (Brooklyn, NY United States)
And I thought Monster was funny. So happens I’m in the high-end electronics advertising business, but even I, a shameless ad guy, am embarrassed to see this actually offered for sale. Amazon really needs to remove this item, it’s just immoral, and someone just might be gullible enough to actually buy one. I believe that would make Amazon party to grand larceny.

Monster is going to sue… , June 13, 2008

Richard D. King “RKing” (Florida)
I think Monster will probably sue because they came up with the original idea of ripping off the public and now Denon is stealing their concept.

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