1. We|sen (noun, neutral)
    • middle high german ‘wesen’, old high german ‘wesan’ = being, abidance, household, essence, thing
    • noun of middle high german verb ‘wesen’
  2. we|sen (verb)
    • middle high german ‘wesen’, old high German ‘wesan’ = to be, to stay, to last, to come about/to happen (originally to abide, to dwell)
  3. Un|we|sen (noun, neutral)
    • late high german ‘unwesen’ = unexistence
    • modern german =
      1. bad state; nuisance
      2. objectionable/condemnable action; mischief
      3. monster; ghost/spirit
  4. we|sent|lich (adjective)
    • basic, considerable, essential, fundamental, important, integral, primal, quintessential, significant, substantial, vital
  5. un|we|sent|lich (adjective)
    • circumstantial, dispensable, immaterial, inessential, insignificant, marginal, minor, unimportant
  6. sein Un|we|sen trei|ben (phrase)
    • to haunt
    • to strike terror into the hearts of people
    • to cause trouble

Though not commonly used in this context, »unwesen« serves as an adequate designator for all things virtual – it is physically nonexistent, yet contains an essence that can be significant to human life.