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Gamergate and Shirtgate

In a previous post, I discussed how discussion topics can be reframed to the detriment of everyone. In that post, I referenced gamergate as an example, but have recently also been involved in a discussion about shirtstorm aka shirtgate.

I want to use this post to express my opinion on both; I haven’t done so in the past, which has led down the path of intarwebs arguments the world didn’t need. This post, then, is the frame of reference I am implying when I post about either topic.

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On Reframing Discussions and Arguments

A short while ago, in a discussion on the intarwebs that got unnecessarily heated, I got accused of “reframing” an argument. I will spare you all the details of that discussion. Suffice to say that the term “reframing” used like this has cropped up before in discussions around the same topic1, but I hadn’t heard it before.

I want to discuss here what this term does and does not mean, and how it applies to discussions.

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  1. It’s gamergate; I will post on that elsewhere []