I have not posted about this, because I usually don’t post personal things here. However, this year the long-term (10+ years) relationship I was in came to an end. With that context, here’s a learning experience I did not expect:

  1. Be in a long-term relationship.
  2. During that time, learn to be progressively more open with each other.
  3. Realize how much easier it is to be open like that, and apply more or less the same principle to (close) friends. Enjoy the improvement in mutual trust.
  4. End the long-term relationship.
  5. Try to be as open as you’re now used to with new people you meet/date.
  6. Watch them run and hide in distrust.

I did not expect this to be the most frustrating1 part of the whole experience.

  1. It’s not the worst part, but the one I find hardest to deal with. []
  • Andy McDowell

    Take the experience and grow from it; don’t become bitter and cynical and loose yourself in a blanket of ugly pain. Breakups are cruel events where both parties come away with open wounds and deep tissue scarring. Moving on and finding your way into a new life filled with better days is the only real closure that means anything.


    • unwesen

      Thanks. I have no intention of becoming bitter, on the contrary.