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Domain Specific Languages & Turing Completeness

I don’t know if it’s been said before1, so in case it hasn’t, I’ll say it:

Every domain specific language converges towards Turing completeness over it’s lifetime.

The reason for this observation is that I’ve recently come in contact with a number of new DSLs2, which exhibit the same problem I’ve seen with other DLSs in the past. Except, this time, I noticed that their authors expressly distanced themselves from the idea of implementing Turing complete languages.

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  1. A quick search hasn’t found anything. []
  2. New to me, that is. []

Best Tool for the Job

I thought I’d start the new year not with a boring (or not so boring) retrospective. I’d also like to avoid a post conveying my best wishes, but of course, I do wish you all a happy new year.

Instead I’d like to write a short post about an old adage and it’s (mis-)use in computing:

Use the best tool for the job.

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