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Dependency Management & Versioning

As you can see from my previous rant on dependency management, one aspect that will rear it’s head in any dependency management solution is that of version numbers.


One of the things that’s not immediately obvious is that version numbers mean different things to different people. In particular, the version number you, the user, read is not necessarily the version number that means anything to developers. I’ve heard people describe the version number that users get to see as “a branding issue” — and that’s not far off the mark. After all, Windows 2000 (to name an example) was really Windows NT version 5. For branding reasons, though, Microsoft decided to rename it.

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Dependency Management Rant

It is spectacularly amazing to me how many seasoned software engineers adopt the ostrich method of dealing with dependency management: pretend it’s not a problem.

Maybe it’s because I help run a software quality assurance company that I’m so sensitive to this issue – or maybe I’ve drifted into that job because I understand that being a good software engineer has very little to do with how impressive your code looks. I don’t know. Suffice to say that I’ve run into a huge variety of problems in my career that all were caused by bad dependency management, or a complete lack thereof.

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Java Multiple Inheritance Rant

I know, I know, it’s a tired old subject. But when you’ve got to work with a crippled language like Java, sometimes tired old subjects rear their ugly heads again, and you need to rant a little.

Here’s a very simple, very concrete example of why Java’s policy not to include multiple inheritance in the language sucks donkey balls, and the “we use interfaces instead of multiple inheritance” excuse shows how lame it is:

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Speak Out With Your Geek Out

There’s been a minor shitstorm on parts of the blogosphere recently about someone writing an article about dating someone who turned out to be a massive geek. I don’t recall details, and in many ways don’t care very much.

Speak Out With Your Geek Out

But it’s prompted the Speak Out With Your Geek Out mini-campaign which you can participate in by, well, blogging about geeky stuff this week. Which I am. Therefore I must be participating now.

I suppose the campaign aims at demonstrating that geeks can be nice, and shouldn’t be discriminated against just because they’re geeky. I’m not sure if that’s the case. The campaign appears to be a bit less well defined than that, and I think I approve.

Regular readers might note that unlike my usual posts, I don’t seem to have a firm goal in mind when writing this, and am not trying to steer readers towards that. That’s because in some ways, I’m a bit confused as to why I am participating in this, exactly.

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