Standing Desk: Week 4

This article is part 6 of 7 in the series Standing Desk

This will be the last entry in the short series. Why? There simply isn’t much more to report.

After a full four weeks of working predominantly standing upright, I’m quite comfortable with the arrangement, and don’t want to change back any longer.

Benefits that I can clearly notice are a much improved posture, a feeling of having more energy throughout the day, and a far higher tolerance for slowly ambling for hours (that’s usually hurt my back far more than merely standing up).

Downsides are that, depending on how long a day I have, I can still feel a few slight aches here and there, but again less than in the week before.

There you go, experiment successful! I think I’ll continue working this way then…

  • Norman Liebold

    Mh… vielleicht sollte ich mir ein Schreibpult bauen nach dem Vorbild alter Scriptorien ;-). 

    • unwesen

      Wuerd ja passen :) Man muss sich etwas dran gewoehnen, aber hinterher gefaellt’s mir eigentlich besser.

  • Martin Sutherland

    Thanks for writing up your experiences about the standing desk thing. I watched a colleague go through the same experience last year, and it’s something I might try myself in a while. It’s very useful to hear reports on the timescales it takes to adjust, and what it feels like while you’re changing over.

    • unwesen

      You might do better than me; I have had an overly S-shaped spine for the whole of my life, and that puts extra strain on my muscles for standing straight. Also, I’m lazy when it comes to exercise.

      But going by my experiences alone, I’d definitely do the first week a at a time when you don’t have much time pressure to complete stuff :)

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting to read. I have to say I was extremely skeptical at post one, and was bordering on public friendly ridicule as if you had proclaimed yourself a member of the KKK. However reading your weekly posts has shown clear evidence that there is a huge physical benefit in this working arrangement. And while I’m not quite in the converted camp, I am now definitely considering setting this same arrangement up for my own trial.

    Good reporting from the front lines on this.


    • unwesen

      Yeah, I’d definitely recommend giving it a go. Whether it is for you is a different matter altogether.