Standing Desk: Week 3

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This’ll be even briefer than the previous post.

  1. No more back pain (yay!) unless I pull a 10+ hour day. Happens, but I shouldn’t do that anyway.
  2. No more foot pain (yay!) unless I pull a 10+ hour day. Rinse, repeat.
  3. Hardly any knee pain.

Pain in my knees is really what I was dreading the most. If I had cured my back pain at the expense of my knees, nothing would’ve been won. So I was careful, resting my legs as much as possible, etc. I did give up on the yoga mat for the time being, though… unfortunately, our tame killer rabbit would’ve mauled it.

It seems it was never the joint that was the trouble (what a relief!), but the tendons holding my knee straight-ish. If I move my knees a bit more, that relieves the pain immediately.

All in all, I’d call this progress from week one. Am I happy? Not quite yet, I want to be completely pain free. At this rate, next week should do it.