Standing Desk: Week 2

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This week, I have good and bad things to report. I’ll keep it short, though.

  1. Back pain is nearly gone. In part, I can feel that I just hold myself better and therefore put less strain on the back. That must be to do with having built some muscles for that, because the whole thing also seems more effortless. I still ache a bit, but it’s almost not noticeable.
  2. I caught myself leaning more on the table and shifting my position from proper standing to leaning to walking around a bit more. I suspect in the first week, I was a bit too focused on staying on my feet to take the strain sensibly, if you want. I’m sure the lessened strain had to do with the lack of back pain, too.
  3. My knees started hurting. Unfortunately, I found myself locking my knees a lot more, for some reason or another. I now concentrate a lot more on not doing that, and deliberately swaying a bit from side to side at times in order to avoid settling into such a pose.
  4. My feet still hurt quite badly. I may have made a mistake in doing this barefoot; I don’t usually wear shoes when I work. The downside in this case is that my feet rest on a hard surface. I’ve now folded a yoga mat and am standing on top of that, and that seems to help tremendously. Ultimately I want that to go again, when standing sensibly and painlessly has become second nature.
  5. I was out of the office more, where I had to walk (good) but also sit (bad) a lot more.

Especially given the last point, I’m not sure if last week’s results are representative. That is, I’m not sure if there’s actually progress to report or not. If nothing else, it’s shown me that I’ll need a few more weeks to go before I can honestly say that standing all day works just fine.

  • Wilfried Gösgens

    have you tried forefoot walking yet? I made good progress with that.

    • unwesen

      Hey! Yeah, kind of happens automatically when I walk barefoot, just not in shoes :)

  • Guest

    This is very cool, thank you for sharing! I found your blog just searching google randomly as I also want to start doing this. Please keep posting about your experiences!

    By the way, it might be better off if you kept the yoga mat or something soft under you all the time – I don’t think we were naturally built to stand on perfectly flat surfaces. The Canadian OSH has some answers:

    • unwesen

      Yeah, I was thinking of doing that. Unfortunately, our house rabbit likes to free roam on the office floor, and would nibble the mat. I’ll have to think up some good solution ;)