Parents against URI Shortener Rape

It’s to be expected, I guess. When you try to generate short IDs from alphanumeric characters, you’ll inevitable form words, sooner or later. I just didn’t expect the word “rape” to turn up in a link. At least it’s an apt description of what those short IDs do to the semantics of URIs.

There’s a story behind that picture, too.

My dad sent me an email, saying he had a computer problem. He’s stubbornly illiterate when it comes to computers, a trait I find enlightening and infuriating. He can figure out just about anything he needs to do, most of which is admittedly basic. He just thinks computers shouldn’t be so complicated, and therefore refuses to learn much about them.

Consequently, he’s a little bit behind the curve when it comes to tech adoption… His problem? One of his 3.5″ floppy disks died on him, after presumably something like 10 to 15 years of usage. Yeah, some of you readers might not even know what they look like. The link has some information for you widdle babies.

Before coming to me, he first went to his local computer shop, where the slightly confused employee told him that they didn’t have a single floppy drive in their establishment. I remember that ca. 1999 or so when I was working in a computer shop that floppy drive production was stopped by most manufacturers, and we slowly began phasing them out.

Say what you will about his technophobia, my dad knows when to give up! Much the same thing happened to him a few months ago, so he figured it might finally be time to move on to more modern storage media.

So he asked me about CD-ROMs1.

I gently steered him towards flash media2. Gotta love how your parents deal with tech you take for granted!

  1. Which he calls “Scheibletten” in German, because he can’t be bothered to recall their name! []
  2. Oh yeah, the picture is so he picks the right stuff. []

  • Mathias

    That poor Ara Pehlivanian has been having this problem since forever:

    • unwesen

      That’s sad, but also priceless :D