Skype 5 Usability Fail

So, I bit the bullet and upgraded to Skype 5.0 from my now admittedly dated 2.8 Mac version today. I wish I hadn’t! Actually, I’m glad that I know people who haven’t, who sent me an old version again to downgrade to.

Two things are terribly annoying in the new version:

  1. First, the user interface is sluggish. It stalls while I type. It drops the occasional letter because I type fast. It’s terrible, in how it makes using Skype feel.
  2. Second, it deems it necessary to rearrange my open & bookmarked chat into sections, based on recent activity. There’s a “today” section, a “yesterday” section, etc. This is, in fact, a measurable user interface failure. It makes habituation impossible, i.e. navigating a UI by habit (which is fast and efficient) instead of by eye (which is slow and distracting).

A so-called “upgrade” should not be a regression on two things this basic.