C vs. C++ Flamewar

Once in a while, the age-old flamewar about whether C or C++ is the superiour programming language flares up again. It’s a patently and obviously silly discussion, which is why I’ve gone to the trouble of illustrating it’s stupidity with a handy venn diagram.

C/C++ Venn Diagram

C/C++ Venn Diagram

Got that?

The first reason it’s a silly argument is that it’s like arguing which Abrahamic religion is better. They all share so much stuff that all parties seem to like, that focussing on the differences is kinda daft. But fair enough, the differences may be what you care about, so I’ll grant you this is a weak reason.

But have you ever noticed that all arguments are about what features exist in C++ that don’t exist in C (the blue half-moon)? Nobody, and I mean absolutely fucking nobody, ever tries to argue that that tiny sliver of red in the diagram, that stuff that only works in C but doesn’t in C++, is any good.

Think about that, before you start trolling.