Religious Bigotry

Two incidents in the recent past have got me very annoyed at christian bigotry.

First, a while ago the pope urged Pakistan to repeal it’s blasphemy law, on the grounds that it condones injustice against religious minorities, i.e. christians. I’d love to hear him raise his voice against the irish blasphemy law, too, but given that christians form a majority in Éire, I’m not holding my breath.

Second, today’s news includes that religious B&B owners were fined for refusing a gay couple a double room. I applaud the court’s decision in this case, but am frustrated by the commentary on BBC news by some christian representative or another that this is discriminating against the B&B owners’ freedom of religion. So it’s alright to discriminate against gays, but not against christians, or what?

All this just reinforces my belief that belief should not be defined as religion in law, to allow for more justice.