So, the Wikileaks story…

I haven’t wanted to comment.

Julian Assange may or may not be guilty of rape. It depends on your definition of what rape is. Only a court case — or, I suspect, a series thereof — can bring clarity, so I won’t speculate.

His motivations for running Wikileaks and publishing the particular cables everyone’s so excited about right now are similarly a topic that can be discussed, but it’s hard to come to a conclusive answer. People will anyway, knowing only part of the story, but I won’t.

For what it’s worth, I would appreciate if commenters refrained from voicing their opinion on either the value of the leaks or Assange’s guilt. If there’s one thing that’s clear to me, then it’s that few people if any know enough to voice an opinion on those topics that can be considered fair and balanced.

The takedown of Mastercard and VISA websites, however, is something I’ll comment on. Supposedly 4chan is behind that.

That wouldn’t make me very happy. Suddenly we’d have arrived at ochlocracy, and that frightens me.

Yes, democratic governments need to stick to their own democratic rules, and it’s unclear whether that is happening in this case. But mob rule certainly isn’t the answer if they don’t.