Germany Shocked by ‘Disproportionate’ Police Action in Stuttgart

From German magazine Spiegel Online:

Around 600 police used water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray and batons in an operation against over 1,000 demonstrators in the southwestern city of Stuttgart on Thursday. The activists had tried to use a sit-down protest to prevent the city’s Schlossgarten park from being cleared so that work could begin on felling trees in the park as part of construction work on the new station. Thursday’s protests were attended by a broad cross-section of society, including pensioners and children.

The protest’s organizers said in a statement that more than 400 protestors had suffered eye irritation as a result of the police’s operation, with some suffering from lacerations or broken noses.

The German Red Cross said on Friday morning that 114 demonstrators had been treated on site, and a further 16 were taken to hospitals. Among the injured were school children who had been taking part in an officially registered demonstration.

Fuck yeah, I’m shocked. Also, I’m outraged. This really shouldn’t happen in a democratic nation. In addition, it becomes a bit more personal, as I was born in Stuttgart and have family there, who have been complaining about the project for decades1. It’s never been popular, and for the state government to push it forward so relentlessly has been suspicious and frustrating for a long time.

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  1. Officially, the project started some 15+ years ago, but there have been discussions for longer than that. []
  • jenny

    I know someone else who lives there and yeah, its awful.

    • unwesen

      Yeah. Doesn’t even matter what the protests were about, if it ends up with school children being injured by police. Way to instil trust in the state into people.