Dragon Age: Disasters

When your parents come visiting and your weekend is basically gone, and you have a few hours left, and your ankle is recovering from being dislocated, what do you do? Play video games, of course!

So a few weeks ago I got Dragon Age: Origins from the bargain bin. Both my wife and I enjoyed playing it, so much that today we decided that yes, it’s probably worth shelling out hard-earned cash for the expansion, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. I can’t say yet whether it was worth it, as I got too upset to play it for long.

Here’s the thing: I’m predominantly an explorer, and a bit of a completionist. My wife is primarily an achiever, so lured by the promise of a platinum PS3 trophy. Between the two of us, we make a lot of characters and do lots of stuff, whether we finish a game or not.

While we probably rack up more characters than your average joe, my dear, dear BioWare… there is absolutely no fucking sane reason why you would restrict the amount of characters you can create in the game to ten. And then duplicate characters if you want to play any expansion, of which there are a few by now. And then ask players to delete old characters if they want to create new ones, but neglect to provide an option for doing so. And then, when players figure out that they have to leave the game and use the PS3′s built-in facilities for that, to encrypt the savegames so that you can’t even back them up before deleting them to make room.

That, dear BioWare, is just brain-damaged… and because it happens on your player’s backs, it’s downright rude.

Between balancing issues in the game design1, annoying bugs, a fuck-weak expansion that I can thoroughly recommend people avoid, and this utterly superfluous and arbitrary restriction, I’m really not too interested in giving you more money. Somehow, my hankering for a Dragon Age sequel has pretty much reached zero now. Oh, and it doesn’t help that from everything I can read about the sequel, it seems to lose just about everything I enjoyed in the first one.

Well done!

  1. Which I may blog about later. []