Dislocated Ankle

Ah, I so rarely blog about things that happen in my life. How sad. Well, strictly speaking there’s a reason for that: I don’t want to.

But when I broke that unwritten rule of not blogging about my life some 2.5 years ago when I broke my toe, that was not only of interest to my friends, it also drew a large number of other visitors. Why, I don’t know… my best guess is that many people break their toes.

So last weekend I did it again: I hit a ball over the garden wall into the neighbours’ garden, and, knowing that nobody lived there right now and the workers renovating the place were out, I climbed over the wall to get the ball back. When I jumped down, I suddenly realized that I’m not as young anymore as I once was. I also realized that my ankle hurt very badly.

Well, I’ve twisted ankles before. Plus, I still had the moon boot/air cast from my previous injury (yup, same ill-fated foot), so I figured I wasn’t going to need a doctor’s attention.

A few hours later my ankle was pretty badly swollen. Each passing day, the swelling got better and I managed to hobble around a bit better on the foot. I figured, yup, twisted ankle … though maybe a bit worse than I’ve previously experienced it.

Then on thursday evening I had a bath, and was wiggling my foot gingerly in the warm water when suddenly it went POP!

… and I could move move my foot a lot better. I supposed I must have dislocated it. I don’t think anything is broken… cracked, maybe, but with the cast on that won’t matter too much. I can move everything, it just hurts in the extreme positions.

Anyhow, now you know. But don’t take my behaviour as advice on what to do if you experience something similar. Start with reading up on more reputable sites, and better still, go consult your doctor.

  • jenny

    it better be better for october!!!

    • http://www.unwesen.de/ unwesen

      It will be! It’s getting better day by day. Besides, my broken toe didn’t stop me from traveling, so why should this?