The Bane of Software Quality Assurance

For most of my professional career, I’ve been one of the class of software engineers that don’t mind dealing with their QA department too much. In my experience, engineers and testers clash more often than not — which is probably largely to do with looming deadlines the tense situations that result from them more than anything else. Which in turn is really a problem that management should deal with… but quite often doesn’t.

But if quality assurance was taken to be part of the development process at more or less every step, that might not be necessary.

The role of [Software Quality Assurance], then, is not merely to ensure your product works. It is to ensure the business you are building around your product works the way you intended, by ensuring that your product’s target audience is satisfied.
Put Software Quality Assurance in it’s Place!

Maybe people should just view SQA as affecting the bottom line, rather than affecting deadlines, and consequently treat it with the respect it deserves.