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Blast from the Past: Joost

Not that long ago, granted. But I can’t help but think it’s worthwhile reminding people that Hulu grew in the fertile soil that Joost created1.

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  1. Yes, you may make jokes about dung here. []

The “punk” in Cyberpunk

I’ll be the first to admit that re-posting comments I’ve made on other people’s blog post is a cheap thing to do. Yet that’s exactly what I’m going to do here.

Over at the internet crashed, there was a post asking to discuss the “punk” aspects of cyberpunk; but the question was phrased loosely enough that I ran on a rampage babbling about “punk”, and ignoring the “cyber” part completely.

Seeing that I know a number of (ex-)punks and members of similar-ish subcultures, I’ve always had a fascination with how people fit into culture or fit culture around them.

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Bethesda vs. BioWare

Yesterday I said I might blog about balancing issues in Dragon Age: Origins. I think I’ll not only do that, but draw comparisons to other games as well. We1 have been playing DA:O for a while now, and while we were initially drawn into the game very much, and like it a lot overall, we’ve come to be able to bitch about it quite a lot too. In that, the game is very much like the Lord of the Rings movies2: excellent at first, but the more you think about it, the more you realize is seriously messed up.

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  1. That is, my wife and I []
  2. Yeah, they’re great! Love ‘em! But Aragorn’s character was completely changed by the way his relationship to his sword was changed, and made him shallower. There was no need for Arwen to change that much. Frodo was whiny. Why did the Elf have to skate/surf down a shield/door? Shouldn’t orcs be hairy? There were no elves at Helm’s Deep! Agent Smith^WElrond had too much of a beard to be an authentic Elf. Where’s Tom Bombadil? … and now you’ve done it! Well, I won’t go into everything here, but if you’re interested there’s a list of changes… []

Dragon Age: Disasters

When your parents come visiting and your weekend is basically gone, and you have a few hours left, and your ankle is recovering from being dislocated, what do you do? Play video games, of course!

So a few weeks ago I got Dragon Age: Origins from the bargain bin. Both my wife and I enjoyed playing it, so much that today we decided that yes, it’s probably worth shelling out hard-earned cash for the expansion, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. I can’t say yet whether it was worth it, as I got too upset to play it for long.

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Dislocated Ankle

Ah, I so rarely blog about things that happen in my life. How sad. Well, strictly speaking there’s a reason for that: I don’t want to.

But when I broke that unwritten rule of not blogging about my life some 2.5 years ago when I broke my toe, that was not only of interest to my friends, it also drew a large number of other visitors. Why, I don’t know… my best guess is that many people break their toes.

So last weekend I did it again: I hit a ball over the garden wall into the neighbours’ garden, and, knowing that nobody lived there right now and the workers renovating the place were out, I climbed over the wall to get the ball back. When I jumped down, I suddenly realized that I’m not as young anymore as I once was. I also realized that my ankle hurt very badly.

Well, I’ve twisted ankles before. Plus, I still had the moon boot/air cast from my previous injury (yup, same ill-fated foot), so I figured I wasn’t going to need a doctor’s attention.

A few hours later my ankle was pretty badly swollen. Each passing day, the swelling got better and I managed to hobble around a bit better on the foot. I figured, yup, twisted ankle … though maybe a bit worse than I’ve previously experienced it.

Then on thursday evening I had a bath, and was wiggling my foot gingerly in the warm water when suddenly it went POP!

… and I could move move my foot a lot better. I supposed I must have dislocated it. I don’t think anything is broken… cracked, maybe, but with the cast on that won’t matter too much. I can move everything, it just hurts in the extreme positions.

Anyhow, now you know. But don’t take my behaviour as advice on what to do if you experience something similar. Start with reading up on more reputable sites, and better still, go consult your doctor.