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New(-ish) Terms – Big Brother, anyone?

So I figured I’d cave in to the hype surrounding StarCraft II to log in to my account, and see whether there is an OS X download, and how much that would be. I was greeted with new terms and conditions for my account that I had to agree on.

There were two boxes, one with a ton of relatively regular sounding terms. Then a second box with this:

Chat Agreement

In order to provide the Service, Blizzard must be entitled to access, monitor and/or review text chat, including private, or “whisper” chat, in the event of complaints from other users or violations of the law. By clicking the check box below, you agree that Blizzard (or one of Blizzard’s affiliates) has the right to monitor and review personal messages you send or receive on the Service, or through any game that is playable through the Service, to investigate potential violations of the law, the Terms of Use, or the Terms of Use agreement specific to any game playable on the Service. Blizzard will not use the information for any reason other than pursuing such violations.

[ ] I consent to Blizzard monitoring and/or reviewing my personal messages.

Uhh… privacy?

Fuck no, Blizzard, you’re not law enforcement.

The law gives police the right to do all of the above if sufficient reasons exist for doing so. You don’t need the same power.

You cannot be allowed to have the same rights without making a mockery of democracy; there’s a ton of good reasons why you shouldn’t have that power, and why having that power is privilege restricted to a very small set of government officials.

No. Just no. This is not 1984.