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Twilight’s Fucking Non-Vegetarian Vampires

So, after much struggle, I submitted to watching Twilight yesterday.

I’ll leave criticism of the movie to someone else. Suffice to say that turning vampires into sparkly, magical creatures evokes images of unicorns or fairies… the latter probably being the better description.

But what really annoyed me was this thing about supposedly “vegetarian” vampires. Stephanie Meyer, you might be a successful author, but that doesn’t mean you understand words, apparently. Animals are not vegetables. There is no reason to call the consumption of animals anything that starts with “veg-”. Vampire or otherwise, eating animals is not vegetarian. If that was meant as a joke, it was too dumb to work, sorry.

Living off animal blood is like a human living off tofu, you can survive but you are never truly satisfied.

… and apparently you’ve never eaten tofu either.


Code Encryption

A friend of mine just sent me a link to this discussion on He also commented that he shouldn’t read stuff on the internet any longer, the stupidity just makes his head explode. I concur.

But that’s really not the point of this little rant. The point of this little rant is that it’s astonishing how little developers understand encryption, and how it applies to code. I can summarize it quite simply for you: it doesn’t really work1.

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  1. For a definition of “work”. []

Google Wave Out Of Beta

I just read that Google Wave has made it out of beta. Here’s my initial reaction, condensed in a form that connoisseurs of mumorpugers might understand best: /care

Actually, that’s not entirely correct. I do care. I care about it so much that I think Wave should die, and fast. Here’s why: it’s pretty much the epitome of software designed by highly skilled, and probably immensely intelligent software engineers. That is, it’s technically great, but it doesn’t really solve any problems.

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The Android Fragmentation Myth

The intarwebs is abuzz with discussions about Android fragmentation. The buzz has become so huge, that Google representatives felt obligated to step in and talk about how Android fragmentation isn’t as bad as it sounds.

I, for one, am sick of you pansies whimpering about how hard Android makes your life. Stop for a moment and think, if you can.

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