John Sanbonmatsu: Metahumanism

For some reason I found myself reading a lot about humanism today, and was reminded again by how many vegans view veganism as something of an extension of humanism to encompass non-human animals. I liked that view of veganism, and, certain that someone must have thought to extend humanism in this fashion, wondered what they had called it.

After some searching and a number of wrong turns, I found that John Sanbonmatsu had coined the term “metahumanism” not too long ago to describe a very similar thing. His book The Postmodern Prince appears to be the source here, although the book is concerned more with a post-humanistic socialism.

Regardless of where he puts the emphasis, I find it fascinating and encouraging that at least one modern-day philosopher concerns himself with our treatment of animals in this fashion.

Here’s a brief video in which he defends likening our treatment of animals to the holocaust:

Finally, an article that goes into some more depth about metahumanism:
The subject of freedom at the end of history: socialism beyond humanism.