Android AudioBoo

Yours truly sounds more German than he’d like to admit. That point was driven home again, when I heard myself mumble something about software bugs1 in the video below.

It’s an early version of the AudioBoo client for Android. You can see how it resembles the iPhone client, but also that it’s still got a long way to go.

Did you notice, about six seconds into the video? You could see the PackRat app icon.

  1. I should note that I only ever produce bugs intentionally, in order to make other people feel less inferior. Naturally. []

  • SeanNOLA

    How is this coming along? I’m very excited for this Android App!
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    • unwesen

      Which one, Audioboo or PackRat?

      Audioboo should hit the store in a week or so. PackRat… some time after ADC2 finishes.

    • unwesen

      And it’s released! See