Now that the deed is done, I realize just how much time and effort I have invested into this. And I’m not the only one, I dragged Rob and Sander into this as well.

Some of you will already know what I’m talking about — I finally finished a little application for Android phones called PackRat. It lets you store lists of your collected books, CDs, video games, movies, etc. and sort them into shelves for quicker access.

I’ve always wanted something like that. And when I say “always”, I mean since I first bought an Agenda VR3 Linux PDA. At the time, I figured I would develop for it… unfortunately, the manufacturer did not support the device for a long time, so the toolchain and other resources were soon out of date.

I later bought a Yopy, another Linux PDA. I got a little further with that one, but the same thing happened: Samsung did not seem to have much interest in an active developer community.

Then I got an iPhone, thinking the same… here, the developer community is vibrant, but unfortunately development for the iPhone isn’t a lot of fun1.

So when I got my mitts on an Android phone, I was delighted! Finally a device that makes mobile development fun, fast, and has enough of a community that it’s actually worthwhile writing code for it.

So when I started my self-employment, I used the time between trying to arrange more paid work to work on this little app.

Later, Sander and Rob helped out with the design — Sander in particular created an astonishing logo/icon for the app. You should head over to the PackRat page and check it out.

And now, after working on visual tweaks for the last week or so, I realize that I invested the better part of the last four to six weeks into this app. With that much effort involved, I sure wish it’ll win a prize…

So if you have an Android phone, or know someone, or know someone who knows someone… well, you know: spread the word! Vote for PackRat!

I’d love nothing better than getting the funding out of this competition for starting to work on this an other apps full time.

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  1. I don’t want to go into details here — it’s all bearable, but less than perfect. []

  • foosel

    Well, you’ve certainly awakened my interest in PackRat, as I was looking for an app like this (prolly mostly to the same reasons as you) and wasn’t happy at all with the existing solutions in the Android market (My Collections and Shelves or what they were called again). So I’m certainly looking forward to getting my hands on PackRat :)

    • unwesen

      Glad to hear it! I’m looking forward to publishing it… can’t wait for the ADC2 judging app to appear now!