New Layout

Well, given recent events, I finally had time to haul the layout of this website kicking and screaming into the century of the fruitbat present. I can’t say I changed a lot, but I think it looks a bit fresher.

Om yawning

More importantly, though, the site software should be a bit easier to maintain now. Unfortunately, some few errors might still crop up here and there, but I’ll be fixing them soon.

Here’s a new feature, though: if you look at the top right, you’ll see a QR code linking to the current page1, for use with your smartphone.

And in other news, we’re now the happy owners of a Hermann’s Tortoise named Om. You can see her2 in the picture.

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  1. Some pages don’t have it, because it wouldn’t make much sense. []
  2. Presumably. At her age, it’s hard to sex tortoises. []
  • Jenny

    Welcome to OM!!!!
    .-= » Jenny’s last blog: =-.

    • unwesen

      I should’ve said earlier, she’s 6cm long right now (length is measured at the bottom of the shell), and weighs 74g. Well, that was in the shop, she might have gained a gram or two by now, as greedy as she is.

  • eremit

    Nice job – i really like the new layout; it’s clean and simple and the qr-code idea is just great. Also welcome to Om. Is the name borrowed from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels (just thinking of Small Gods).

    • unwesen


      Om is named after Small Gods, yes… but also because when she gets the right food in front of her she’s all OM NOM NOM!!! :)