The Future

Right, I’ve started this series on role-playing game rules not so long ago, and suddenly I stop blogging again for a while. After the disaster that was the previous series, you might be thinking that’s typical for me. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, an event that is anything but typical, the loss of my job, prompted me to spend a fair amount of time figuring out what I’ll be doing next. The answer to that has now been made official (more or less): I’ve registered for self-employment. What that means is that if you’re interested in having iPhone or android work done by an experienced freelancer, or want general software engineering advice or training, especially in the field of highly scalable networking applications — drop me a line!

In further news, I’ve also started working on an entry for the Android Developer Challenge 2. I’ll make information on that available as I see fit, don’t bother asking me.

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