No, this is not a post about the excellent demotivational posters you can buy, and that have been mimicked endlessly.

Rather, it’s a brief anecdote on how FunCom managed to turn an event that — I presume — was designed to motiviate people to discover and take part in the larger Age of Conan community: they started a contest where you have to find seals (images with code words embedded in them) on their various community websites. In order to be elegible for the draw of the grand prize, you have to find them all.

So far, so good.

The first WTF that European users encounter will be that the seals are distributed across websites in various languages. Few people will be able to find them without at times resorting to blindly clicking anythign that looks like a link. If the goal truly was at least partially to motivate people to read and contribute to the community websites, then FunCom already failed right here.

The bigger WTF, though, is that some of these seals are on community-maintained wiki pages. Yes, someone found a seal, and subsequently removed it from the wiki page to prevent everyone else from also finding it…

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