iPhone vs. Android

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It’s almost too extreme a contrast to believe.

I’ve been developing for the iPhone for the past half year or so, and my mood over the course of that time has steadily grown worse. The iPhone SDK, I felt, was frustrating, restrictive, outright dumb in some instances.

I finally manged to switch projects at my job, and am now developing pretty much the same thing for android. And after just over a week, I’m finding that literally all of my complaints with the iPhone – with the exception of one – do not exist on android.

I’m still kind of shellshocked by this. I have been thinking that maybe I had been spoiled previously, and the iPhone SDK really can’t be all that bad.

I’m actually very relieved to be able to state that no, android really does solve the exact same issue vastly more elegantly, and the iPhone’s APIs just suck in comparison. Also, the colleague who took over iPhone development from me, is now constantly cursing what he has to deal with.

All this is anecdotal evidence, and I’m far too lazy to go into a side-by-side comparison of both phone’s programming interfaces and conventions here. But that’s not the point this post is supposed to make anyway, it just exists to document my astonishment.

Make of it what you will.

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