Who Watches The Watchmen?

Watchmen (film)
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Well, I did, of course.

Yesterday night I went to see Watchmen, the movie adaptation of the eponymous comic book series. I was feeling a little dread that it might turn out to be very disappointing, seeing that I wasn’t very impressed with Zack Snyder‘s adaptation of 300.

Watchmen, though… was different. Yes, a lot of detail got cut out here and there. Yes, the ending was changed. Yes, Snyder’s penchant for sequences shot in alternating slow- and sped-up-motion still shines through1.

But overall, I’m pleasantly surprised. Watchmen manages to capture the plot and the character’s inner conflicts very well, is visually stunning, and manages to balance the rather heavy subject matter and the need to entertain incredibly well. Overall, I’ll have to agree with my wife that this is probably the best comic book adaptation I’ve seen to date.

Compared to 300, well… I can’t help but wonder whether that’s not simply Frank Miller‘s fault, and the original was already inane. Which I’m told it was. But Sin City is no intellectual marvel either, and the movie is still pretty well done.

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  1. Though, maybe, I don’t do the guy credit here: it’s a good technique for inserting semi-still images into a movie that look exactly like the comic book’s frames. []

  • http://www.der-eremit.de eremit

    Will probably see the flic tonight — already kinda excited if it can keep it’s promise, but as you haven’t been disappointed, I guess I won’t be disappointed too.

    • http://www.unwesen.de/ unwesen

      No, I certainly haven’t been disappointed – I’m looking forward to reading what you think :)

      • http://www.der-eremit.de eremit

        I’m not sure how to put it into words, so therefore just: WOW. I’ve to confess that I’ve been a bit sceptical about Snyder, but what an amazing and great adoption. As you already mentioned they stripped down a lot of details, but if you keep in my mind that Watchmen has been declared as unfilmable, it’s a great achievement. You can feel that Snyder really tried to catch that special Watchmen feeling, and I would say he succeeded. Also the slow/speed motion and standing scenes perfectly fitted into the movie (not like 300, where it has been a bit too much).

        I’ve to agree in another point: it’s definitely the best comic adoption I’ve seen so far.

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  • http://www.mentalechoes.org Andy

    Wow, excellent to see it getting a good review. I’m a big fan of Watchmen, the graphic novel, and was worried that this most fabulous benchmark of graphic novel storytelling was going to be butchered and screwed up from head to toe. At least now I can relax a bit about going to see it for myself.

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    • http://www.unwesen.de/ unwesen

      If you’re a *really* big fan, you might be a little disappointed. There’s definitely stuff that’s been cut out or altered. But as far as I am concerned, the essence of the plot and characters remains intact, and that’s what I personally care about most.

      Unlike LotR, where Aragorn’s been changed nearly beyond recognition. In the book, he’s very reluctant to take on his responsibilities as King, so avoids having his sword reforged until the last possible moment. In the movies, that seems to be his main reason to go to Rivendell in the first place.

      As far as I am concerned, there’s no such fundamental change in Watchmen – still plenty of little changes, though.