10 Year of Madness


I only noticed just now that unwesen.de has been up and running for 10 years this year. I can’t remember exactly when in 1999 I started the website, though. Back in the day it was unwesen.com, though — which I lost at some point, and never bothered to recover. Some other guy snapped up the domain and didn’t do anything with it either.

If you head to the wayback machine entry for unwesen.de, you’ll not find any content older than from 2001, I’m afraid. And all you’ll find for 2001 is a placeholder page.

The first 2002 entry then shows a rather experimental design. But you can see a consistent color scheme, and a design based on straight, gray lines to partition off different text parts. I had more than just the start page up as well, but that must’ve gone the way of the dodo.

In 2003 I briefly joined the This Page Intentionally Left Blank-movement with my own entry, but then put up a slightly more interesting page explaining the origin of this website’s URL1. The latter was mostly an exercise in formatting everything in CSS rather than HTML attributes — but I didn’t have much real content at that point.

And things stayed that way until May 2007, when I relaunched the website in the format you’ve come to know and love since then.

Ah… really takes you back, doesn’t it?

If you’re picky, you might complain that that makes this website less than two years old, of course, but I’d disagree with that.

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  1. That is still up on the about page. []
  • http://www.der-eremit.de eremit

    Congrats! Didn’t expect that unwesen.de|com already exists for so long. And of course: we love it since then like it is :D

    eremits last blog post… Categories explained

    • http://www.unwesen.de/ unwesen


      At some point I had high hopes for the site. Now I use it to rant about stuff. I guess that’s what happens when you get old and disillusioned :D

  • http://www.norman-liebold.de Norman

    Sehr interessant, dieses Webarchiv. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, daß es soetwas in einer derartigen Umfänglichkeit gibt! Wenn Du von vergangenen Äonen erzählst, kommt man auf die Idee, zum Beispiel bei amator-veritas.de zu schauen, und das weckt doch ganz eigenartige Gefühle! Erstaunlich, wie sich das verändert hat vom Aussehen und von der Technik! Allerdings ist mir nicht ganz eingängig, nach welchen Merkmalen einige Seiten archiviert werden und andere wiederum nicht…

    Normans last blog post… Gibt es auch wieder… ein Gästebuch

    • http://www.unwesen.de/ unwesen

      Nein, so wirklich versteh ich auch nicht, nach welchen Kriterien eine Seite wann archiviert wird und so. Aber interessant ist das Archiv allemal.