2008 retrospective

In retrospect, 2008 wasn’t a bad year for this website. It’s not like it I’d call it a major success, either — especially the music section hasn’t been used half as much as I thought it might be. Still, the 2008 access statistics show two things very clearly:

  1. I seem to blog about things that people search for and find on my website.
  2. The things people search for and find are the things I’m least interested in.

Ah, the irony… but that was to be expected, really. Hit the jump for the top-list of articles, music and galleries people found interesting in 2008.


This one doesn’t come as much of a surprise… people tended to be interested in the stuff that’s closest to the type of post I’ve been trying to avoid — that is, events in my life of similarly epic importance as my cat’s flatulence1.

The numbers behind articles are unique page views, not simple page views. That is, if a visitor went to the same page twice or more in a visit, the page view is counted only once. Simple page views are quite often a lot higher, but may be the result of people using their browser’s back button, or similarly navigating around the site.

  1. Spore Creature Creator on Mac: 399
  2. Broken Toe: 332
  3. Broken Toe F.A.Q.: 202
  4. Latawnya, the Naughty Horse: 184
  5. Communication Barrier: 151
  6. Broken Toe Update: 147
  7. Textured Vegetable (Soy) Protein: 112
  8. WaitForMultipleObjects() Considered Expensive: 95
  9. Friendship: 75
  10. Bartle Test: 66

Now technically, three of these articles are essentially about the same topic: I wrote about my broken toe in one, gave an update on it’s condition in a second article — and composed a third to answer as many questions about broken toes as I could find, because quite clearly the intarwebs showed interest in my digits.

If I add up the numbers for those three, the list (more realistically, I feel) becomes this:

  1. Broken Toe 1, 2 and 3: 681
  2. Spore Creature Creator on Mac: 399
  3. Latawnya, the Naughty Horse: 184
  4. Communication Barrier: 151
  5. Textured Vegetable (Soy) Protein: 112
  6. WaitForMultipleObjects() Considered Expensive: 95
  7. Friendship: 75
  8. Bartle Test: 66
  9. Everyday Shooter: 56
  10. Johnny Got His Gun: 51

It’s comforting to know that articles I find relatively unimportant generate roughly seven times as much interest as articles I find important.


I’m not going to present a top-10 list of galleries, mostly because it’s fairly hard to accumulate proper numbers. The two top visited galleries on this website again show what people use the internet for — and visits to these galleries easily surpass visits to my blog posts.

  1. World of Warcraft > Messed Skins is a gallery of graphics errors in World of Warcraft. Judging by the search terms people used to reach the gallery, though, many people seem to have been looking for things other than graphics errors, though… let’s just say a fair amount of people seem to think “skin” equates “nudity”.
  2. Humour > Black Metal ist Krieg is a gallery of funny pictures about Black Metal subculture. They’re captioned in German — the combination of both makes the likely target audience for such pictures relatively small… or so I thought.


I’ll repeat it, the music section of this website didn’t find much use. The most visited album pages appear to be the following — many of which are about moderately obscure albums. So maybe I’ve helped a few people discover interesting music. On the other hand, I can’t help but notice that most bands names in the list below start with first letter of the alphabet, which suggests that people just clicked on a (more or less) random name on the first page of the whole section…

Oh, and the sum of visits for the entire music section is about the number of visits for #10 in the blog articles above.

  1. Tranquilly the Maelstrom Starts (Anchorage, 1994)
  2. Mean Machine (Tyrant [Germany], 1984)
  3. Schizophrenia [remastered] (Sepultura, 2000, original version)
  4. Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory (Dream Theater, 1999)
  5. The Purity of Perversion (Aborted, 1999)
  6. Tormented (Abscess, 2001)
  7. The Final Wish (Avrigus, 1998)
  8. Graveyard Mountain Home (Chroma Key, 2004)
  9. In Memory (Abigor, 2000)
  10. Reason (Anacrusis, 1990)


  1. I don’t have a cat, I’m allergic. But that’s what people seem to blog about these days. []