New Printer

After the breakdown of my old printer, I went and bought a newer printer. Figuring that I’ve always done well enough with HP printers, I went and bought a newer model of theirs, the LaserJet CP1510n.

I picked it to meet at least the same requirements as my old one, while I also tried to make sure I wouldn’t pay more for it than it’d take to repair & refurbish the old one. Turns out that

  • It prints at the same speed (12 ppm)
  • It prints at the same resolution (600 dpi)
  • It holds the same amount of paper
  • It’s built with the same usage patterns in mind
  • Both have a network interface

Now that it’s arrived, I have to extend that list of similarities:

  • It’s pretty much the same size as the old one
  • Connectors and buttons are in (mostly) the same places
  • Openings in the case are pretty much identical, although they seem to have evolved somewhat
  • It really appears as if the metal frame into which it’s built is roughly the same, but that’s hard to tell
  • It weighs about the same (a bit lighter if I’m not mistaken) as the old one
  • When I attached the new printer to the same IP address, the old printer driver that was still installed worked fine for printing

So if all that is the same or similar, why didn’t I repair the old one after all? Well, the new printer also prints colour.

Other than that, though, it really seems as if the former mid-to-large business printer for thousands of money1 has got a small face lift and been declared fit only for home-to-small business use in this day and age.

I’m quite happy about that, though… it’s fairly hard to be disappointed by something you’ve been happy with for years that now does just a little more than you were used to.

  1. Insert your favourite currency here []