Lovely Spam, wonderful Spam (not)!

Did you notice that spam has gone down in the last few days? I kind of did… though I have to admit I didn’t pay it much attention until my wife told me that a company responsible for sending a major percentage of the world’s spam has been shut down.

A quick google brought up stories on BBC NEWS and The Washington Post, both from the 13th of Novembre. The latter article includes a graph of spam traffic. Seeing that, I had to look at the graph my own spam filter1 produces (after the jump).

Isn’t it pretty?

Spam Graph Novembre 2008

You can see the drop in spam I’m getting at right about the same time the spam provider got shut down. Now if only I had any hope that this will last…

The vikings, for one, will try everything in their power to get their spam back.

  1. I’m using dspam, easily the most efficient server-side spam filter I’ve found. []