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Album: Testament – The Formation of Damnation

In my yesterday post, I compared Metallica’s latest and not-so-greatest to what “similarly old bands” have been putting out recently, and concluded that by those standards their album is rather mediocre.

Well, today I’ve had the pleasure to spend some time listening to Testament‘s 2008 opus The Formation of Damnation. Which begs two important questions:

  1. Is it any good?
  2. Does the comparison to Metallica’s Death Magnetic hold?

I’ll try to answer these in sequence.

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Album: Metallica – Death Magnetic

So, Metallica released Death Magnetic1. Should you buy it? Possibly. It’s definitely a great step up from their latest releases.

First, it’s unmistakably Thrash… or a mixture of the goode olde Thrash of the late 80′s/early 90′s, mixed with a generous but not quite too large dose of St. Anger simplicity. It really depends on the part of the song you’re listening to whether you’re reminded more of St. Anger times or of …And Justice for All. I went from cringing to hoping to cringing to hoping.

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  1. No, that’s not the whole album []