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Spore Creature Creator on Mac

Here’s an exercise for you Mac gamers out there: try and buy the full version of the Spore Creature Creator. Having downloaded and played around with the free version a while ago, I immediately decided to buy the full version. It’s just too much fun assembling weird creatures.

No, I’m not serious, don’t try it. It doesn’t work.

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Broken Toe Frequently Asked Questions

A few hours ago I came back from the fracture clinic, to get an update on my broken toe. Everything seems to be healed, but I can’t say my bone looks straight or fully regrown. Apparently, while the cyst I had doesn’t seem to have come back, it’ll take a bit longer for the bone’s outer shell to regrow… I suppose I misunderstood that the last time I went. So I’ll start with Ju-Jutsu again some time soon, but will keep the toe taped to it’s neighbour for support for a while longer — no use in risking another injury.

But this post isn’t so much about my toe, as it’s an answer to many, many questions I’ve implicitly received — implicitly, because my two previous posts on my toe received a huge number of hits from google queries, some of which were very specific questions. I’ll try to answer a few of those.

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WaitForMultipleObjects() considered expensive

Here’s an interesting tidbit I discovered at work the other day: The WaitForMultipleObjects() function, part of the win32 API, is surprisingly expensive. For the developers amongst my readers, the function puts the current thread to sleep until an event occurs on a given handle. The complementary function SetEvent() triggers such an event. The net effect is that the two functions can be used similarly to POSIX condition variables, but the win32 functions are more versatile in that you can also wait for socket events to occur1.

My non-developer readers will be confused at this point, no doubt. Feel free to skip the rest of the article, it’ll be similar in content.

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  1. Via WSAWaitForMultipleEvents(). []



Se Willage

Yesterday night, the BBC showed The Village, by M. Night Shyamalan. I’ve been somewhat curious about the movie, because I’ve been told it’s fairly good, and because of our honeymoon. Yes, that needs some explaining, but it’s really simple: we spent our honeymoon in Vienna, around the time the movie got into the cinemas there. Unfortunately that meant lots of TV adverts for the movie, in which the voice-over had an unfortunately strong German accent, constantly pronouncing the title “se willage”. Oh well.

Either way, here’s a short note on the movie: not worth it more than once.

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