Very Expensive Brick

My 60 GB PLAYSTATION 3 just bricked. At least I assume it’s bricked, as it doesn’t produce any video, sound, nor does it recognize the controller. And just a few hours after Sony’s customer support shut down for the night…

There’s so many stories on these here intartubes about the customer support of various companies that I’ve decided to chronicle this private little saga of mine. So here’s the email I fired off to the customer support hotline, and I’ll update this post when there’s any development.

Saturday, 17/05/08, ca. 21:00 GMT

From: me
Subject: My PS3 just died


Sorry if I appear upset, but it seems my 60 GB PS3 just died, and your customer support line isn’t reachable right now.

First off, the serial number is: XX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX

I suppose you need details on where I bought the PS3. It was ordered online from XXX, I placed the order on XX/XX/XX, the order number was XXXXXXXXX, and the PS3 was apparently dispatched X days later.

I was happily playing Motorstorm single player, when suddenly the screen froze. The front light on the PS3 started blinking. I’m not entirely sure of the colours, unfortunately – I remember green, and could swear it was either green and blue, green and yellow, or blue and yellow (which would appear greenish) alternatively… neither of which is supposed to happen according to the help booklet.

I pressed the front standby button, and the LED changed to a steady red. Pressing it again turns the LED a steady green. You can hear the hard disk and fans spin up, but there is no picture, no sound, and the controller blinks all 4 LEDs so apparently can’t find the PS3. That’s with or without the USB cable attached.

Now the PS3 isn’t a complete brick, as the eject button works fine when the LED’s green. But other than that, there’s nothing.

Power cycling it, removing it from the power completely for a while, nothing helps. It’s not even hot – warm, yes, but not hot.

Now I really, really, really hope that this is fixable, as I got the 60 GB model – and I can’t stress this enough – specifically for it’s backwards compatibility. I then went and bought a few PS2 games just to play them on my PS3.

If it turns out that this one is bricked and needs to be replaced, I really hope you can magic up another 60 GB model, or send me a PS2 as well in compensation. You have no idea how much I want the backwards compatibility, there’s a slew of PS2 and PS1 games I want to play on my PS3 – my wishlist for those games is far longer than that for PS3 games.

I hope that doesn’t sound too repetitive, but here it is again: please if you replace my PS3, make damn sure I can play the games that I bought it for on it.

No, I don’t think that was enough, so here it is once more: I want a PS3 with backwards compatibility, that’s why I bought this specific model just before they were sold out forever (according to Sony’s announcements to date, that is). So no, a newer model in replacement simply won’t do for me (you can quote that to your upper management – in fact, I’d love if you forwarded this on to one of them, just to ensure they understand how literally lobotomized a non-backwards-compatible PS3 is).

Right, sorry for the rant. If you read this far, thank you very much. Scratch that, even if you skipped bits, thank you very much! I hope to hear from you soon, and fingers crossed that you can help me. Call me at XXXXX XXXXXX, or reply to this mail, either will work for me. Thanks again!

Kind regards,
Jens Finkhaeuser

Pop quiz, hotshot: what do I think is the most important feature of my now-defunct PS3?

Let’s see how things turn out.

  • caroline

    Does anyone know how I can tell if my slow broadband connection is down to my pc or my broadband provider (Tiscali)? I ran a speed test here and it tells me I have a download speed of 2.06Mbs and an upload speed of 243 Kbps. My laptop a dell Inspiron 8600, is about 3-4 years old some and I have Windows and is running Windows 2000.

    Any or advice help would be greatly appreciated!

    • unwesen

      I haven’t the faintest clue how you come to post that question here (unless this is a very odd form of spam).

      But given that your computer is 3-4 years old, it should have more than enough power for handling vastly higher broadband speeds. So it’s going to be your provider, I think.

      /me is puzzled

  • der-eremit

    muhahha… indeed, an interesting form of comment spam

    der-eremits last blog post… OWD Kurs beendet