Broken Toe Update

Going briefly into my personal life again, it seems that the broken bone wasn’t quite as simple a case as I had assumed.


At first, progress was astounding. The first week I couldn’t really walk around without crutches, but day by day I felt my ability to put weight on my foot returning. The second week I experimented with walking without crutches, until by the end of it (last weekend), I could pretty much move around freely.

I say “pretty much”, because I still can’t put weight on the outer side of the foot, but for most purposes, walking on the inner side of the foot is good enough.

So when I went to the fracture clinic this morning, I was pretty certain that’d be the end of it, at least as far as appointments were concerned. Boy was I wrong.

The doctor (who turned out to be Dutch with a pretty decent grasp of German) informed me, and showed me on the X-ray pictures, that the reason my bone broke was that it was severely weakened. The reason for that is that the bone’s soft core was largely replaced by a bone cyst1, which resulted in the walls of the bone being a good 3-4 times thinner than they should be.


Lucky for me, once the bone gets injured, the cyst usually gets punctured and drains, and the bone grows back to it’s intended state. Unfortunately that’ll take a while… I’ll get the toe X-rayed again in six weeks, and until then I’ll have to keep the toe immobilized as much as possible, with this beautiful air cast (which the nurses nicknamed “moonboot”).

Ah, joy… no ju-jutsu for a while, and I can see how my upcoming trip to California will be fun.

  1. I suppose I got that when I was a teenager, and very sharply stubbed that particular toe. I’ve felt a slight ache in in cold weather in that bone ever since. []
  • der-eremit

    Dammit – really sorry to hear that kind of bad news, but the boot looks cool (although it might be not fun during those summer-like days)

    der-eremit’s last blog post..Army of Darkness auf japanisch

    • unwesen

      Well, if I really had that cyst since my teenage years, this was an accident waiting to happen. And as the chances are high that the bone regrows a lot stronger, I’m just glad I broke the toe now, rather than when I’m old.

      Luckily you can take off the padding and wash it… so summer days or not, at least the thing shouldn’t stink.

  • Paul Mohr

    My last experience with breaking a toe was 5 years ago and though it was usable in a couple months, it took nearly two years for it to return to it’s normal form. The body self-repair is definitely a complex system.

    Paul Mohr’s last blog post..Is a virus an operating system

    • unwesen

      Don’t scare me ;)

      /me chants the "six weeks, six weeks, six weeks" mantra.

      Yeah, things could go wrong. I’m optimistic, though!

  • Shrimpy

    jeez LOUISE! you with the crazy problems.

    I like that she calls it a moon boot :)
    good luck with the re-growing of the bones!

    Shrimpys last blog post… Minerva Louise, a silly chicken

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