New York Impressions


So my employer sent me to New York for a few days. I didn’t have a huge amount of time or energy to go sightseeing, so that’s something I’ll have to do the next time I go. As a consequence, I only took a bare minimum of decent pictures of New York back with me.

However, the few days I spent in Manhattan (between China Town and the Empire State Building left me with a pretty good impression of the city, and I don’t usually like cities.

Some random impressions I’m taking home with me are:

  • Taxi drivers in NY are insane.
  • Road conditions in NY and the surrounding area suck, even compared to England, which sucks compared to Germany.
  • The air is astonishingly nice, considering the amount of cars driving around.
  • New Yorkians seem to come in two breeds: very friendly, or offensively disinterested.
  • NY architecture is crazy, but in a fascinating sort of way.
  • The place seems astonishingly safe. Maybe the impression is wrong, since I only visited a very small part of the city. But if you compare that part to the city centres of major German cities, or London, it seems relatively unlikely that you’ll get mugged. This is just the feeling the place gave me, not based on any facts.
  • Most New Yorkians don’t understand the meaning of the word vegan, despite the large number of vegetarian/vegan restaurants.
  • Drinking coffee is the most important social activity one can engage in.
  • Gotham City is based on Gotham, a name for New York taken from a story about Gotham, Nottinghamshire. I kind of knew New York was sometimes called Gotham, but I didn’t get the connections.

Anyway, before you try to correct me, I realize those aren’t necessarily truths. Still, that’s what my experience suggests.

  • Paul Mohr

    Really good stuff, I will have to read the entire blog. I have been sent to New York for a client and it is very interesting, and can be odd. Paris,Los Angeles,Chicago can also be a lot of surprises too. It really depends on which parts of those cities you see. Whether it is Manhattan or Queens. Champs De Elysees or Bastille. Great work on the blog and the ‘midnight commander’ look is a nice effect.

    Paul Mohr’s last blog post..Cool new Linux places I discovered today

    • unwesen

      Thanks, looks like I have to read my way through your blog as well :)

      Looks like my employer will send me to California next, maybe I’ll get to take a look at Los Angeles then.