Still Alive


Yes, we’re still alive! And look at me still talking when there’s science to do.

Ok, ok, I’m jumping on the cake-is-a-lie bandwagon here. The point is, the line pretty much sums up our current state (or mine, at least): we’ve made the move to England, but there’s still too much to wrap up (putting up shelves, unpacking, painting the old flat and movig our last belongings over) for me not to be busy. So updates are likely to be slow again for a while.

But since people have been asking for a sign of life, I felt compelled to post one here: Moo. Are you happy now?

  • Norman Liebold

    Not really. Some pictures, maybe? I hope, youre happy in your new home in Old England (between the box and boxes, thats clear) and find quick lovely people there.

    Norman Liebold’s last blog post..26.03.2008 | SJZ Siegburg | Der Gläserne Sarg

  • lobotony

    dear Jens,
    we deeply miss you beer drinking skills here in old Deutschland and require your attendance during the next late night coding/flat painting session. Please get in touch as soon as you’re in town again, don’t forget to forget the keys, take your anti-histamins and brush up that shitty-movie-list. “Surf Nazis Must Die” FTW!

    • unwesen

      I’m like WTF LOL?!?

      Looks like I’ll be back in Germany for a few days, but I haven’t really arranged for anything yet. This week I’ll be in the Netherlands.