Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law

I’m too lazy this morning to figure out how to embed the video directly, so why don’t you just head to this blog1 and watch Lawrence Lessig talk about copyright issues in our times?

I’m used to hearing people discuss copyright issues, and patent issues, and anything that nowadays gets lumped together under the term intellectual property. Being used to such speeches, I’ve managed to wrap my head around the main argument against stricter intellectual property laws a long time ago. As such, I find it easy to follow these discussions, whereas many people I talk to about these issues still look a bit blank when I try to explain to them why these are real problems, and not just imagined.

Larry Lessig has more experience speaking about these issues, and thus has managed to put together an incredibly eloquent argument. Spare the 15-20 minutes to watch his presentation, while you sip your morning <insert beverage of your choice>.

  1. This also gives credit to where I found it, so it’s all good. []