PyLicious 0.10


In lieu of regular blog updates, I’ve decided to push out a new version of PyLicious, the software you can use to build websites (or other text) from a Delicious Library data file.

Version 0.10 contains a simple functional change: You now have access to the Notes in the My Info section of an item via the $notes variable in your templates. In addition, I’ve also managed to fill in the help text you see when you run PyLicious with the --help parameter.

Yes, I agree, that’s scant excuse for not updating the blog for ages. However, you’ve been warned this might happen, so I have no sympathy for you.

Well, maybe a little. And that’s why, just in time for the holidays, I’m releasing an update of PyLicious. Merry Christmas!

  • unwesen

    Since I’ve got a second release out, I’ve put up a small page for PyLicious.