Canon EOS 400D

Since yesterday, I’m a proud owner of a Canon EOS 400D digital SLR. Ever since my mother sold her AE-1 just about a decade ago, I’ve noticed how much I took a decent SLR for granted, and shortly thereafter set my sight on a digital SLR. Problem was, they were way too expensive for a long time, and only nowadays have prices dropped to an acceptable range.

Anyway, I’ve only just got my new toy, and can’t really say much about it yet, except that the first couple of test shots I made came out way better than expected. You really don’t need to know much about photography to make pretty good photos with this baby.

Now I’m hoping to reanimate and strengthen my somewhat atrophied photography skills. We’ll see what happens.

After the jump, two pictures for your previewing pleasure.


First, some hardware porn. The lighting was horrible, so I had to use an ISO 1600 setting to get decent shutter times1, which means the image is more grainy than it needs to be. Also, I manged to get the focus just off the chip, but for a test run, who cares?


The second picture, showing my cheap-ass phone, I’m happier with, as it represents my first dabbling in high dynamic range photography. Of course, all you see is a low dynamic range rendering of the HDR image, but I’m very pleased with the result — particularly, because it doesn’t seem terribly exciting, it just has good detail and contrast all over the picture.

  1. My hands tend to somewhat shaky, not a good thing in an aspiring photographer. []
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