Album: Alice in Chains – Dirt

If you were in your mid-teens in the early nineties, there will be a couple of albums you’re likely never to forget. At this point, most people will probably think of Nirvana’s Nevermind — but I never cared all that much for it. Grunge in general has always been too much influenced by Punk for me to really like it, so at the time I was drawn more towards records that focussed on warmer, more sludgy sounds and songwriting closer to Metal.

In 1992, one such band released an album that has it’s hooks in my brain to this day. To be perfectly honest, “Dirt” is also one of Alice in Chains‘ records that I own and even know. At the time, my economic means were not such that I’d buy more of the same band, until I had listened closely to what I was about to buy — and a few years later, my interest in the band had waned.

Nevertheless, “Dirt” stands as one of a number of releases that define the early nineties for me.

Fast forward 15 years, and I still think the songs on this record rock. My taste in music has changed over the years, and my understanding of it has grown. While I nowadays enjoy a little more complexity in the overall structure of a song than “Dirt” has to offer, each song is still flawlessly executed, and polished to a perfect pop appeal. Both the weird double vocals and the (possibly related) sometimes drawn-out singing lend a unique sound to the record.

No doubt, there’s a lot to like about this album still. Plus, there are memories connected with it.