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Monotonous Mess-ups


Apparently, there are still software developers out there, who don’t know what version or revision control systems can do for them. Just think of it as backups of your thought processes. Nowadays, though, that breed of programmer is (thankfully!) becoming relatively rare1.

Version control has been around for ages2, so I’m not going to explain them. A more recent, but still not exactly new development, are distributed version control systems, which basically substitute the central repository for a more peer-to-peer approach. Each client has it’s own repository, and repositories of different clients can be synchronized.

For private stuff, I’m using one such system called monotone. Not only does it have a drawing of a rat3 as it’s mascot/logo, it also uses a programming language and a collection of libraries that I’m very familiar with, meaning I can modify it to my needs.

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  1. Though I could tell you stories about former employers… no, I’d better not. []
  2. In internet years, that is. []
  3. Oddly enough, the rat doesn’t seem to have a tail. []