Terrorized By The Government

Stealing a line from a friend of mine, “I don’t know why people talk about a war against terror, when the terrorists clearly have won”.

Apparently, in his war against terror, our easily-terrified Minister Schäuble has convinced even our Chancellor, that secret online searches of your computer by the government should become a legal tool for our police to use.

So how does this work? Somehow, you’re supposed to install a trojan horse on your computer. That’s right, one of those types of malicious software, usually lumped together with other types of malicious software under the term “computer virus1. Yep, provided by our own government.

Trojan horses, for those not knowing the exact way different types of malicious software work, allow you to access a computer infected with them remotely. That’s a technique commonly used to create botnets, that is hordes of zombied computers used to do their master’s bidding – which usually involves infecting more computers, and/or sending spam.

There are so many morbidly fascinating parts to this, that I’m at a loss where to begin.

  • Spam is illegal here in Germany. Now the government does not propose to send spam, just enslave your computer in the same way that a spammer would.
  • Computer viruses, according to a 2003 source (German) by the same ministry that, in one way or another, is likely to author this government trojan, are causing damages in the hundreds of millions of euro each year in Germany alone. So, hey, let’s create another one.
  • The people responsible really seem to believe in an alternate universe, in which
    1. this government trojan will be treated differently than any other trojan by anti-virus software manufacturers not governed by German law,
    2. this government trojan will not be exploited very quickly by black-hat hackers2, using it to create even more botnets, to further their illegal activities,
    3. and that this government trojan will be useful on computers not attached to the internet.

    I mean, really, don’t those people understand anything about computer security?

Kudos go to the terrorists, for this is their first, real victory in this country. I’m glad I didn’t vote for the fuckwits3 in power now.

The article I’ve got this information from is here, but it’s German. You might want to try the fish, but I’m afraid all it does is add unwanted humour to the text.

Oh, and you’d normally need a search warrant to search someone’s home, so why should you not need one in advance for searching their computers4? And why would this not violate our constitution?


It certainly violates Article 12 of the UN Human Rights Charter:

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

So, if I was a suspect, and a judge issued a search warrant of my computer, the search wouldn’t be arbitrary any more. However, a trojan, whether active or not, absolutely interferes with my privacy and electronic correspondence, and as long as I’m not a suspect, that’s pretty arbitrary.

  1. Though technically, trojans are not viruses, but no less malicious. []
  2. Crackers, really, but who understands the difference nowadays? []
  3. That’s not an insult, it’s a technical term. It means, roughly, they’re so dumb they shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. Or someone fucked with their brains. Or both. []
  4. You still need a warrant, within 3 days of actually having performed the search. []
  • http://www.norman-liebold.de Norman Liebold

    Nun, wenn man neben dem Wahnwitz dieser Absurdität auch bedenkt, daß es um die “Schließung rechtlicher Lücken bei der gezielten Tötung /möglicher/ [meine Hervorhebung NL] Terroristen geht”, sollte man vielleicht über die Schließung gesetzlicher Lücken bei der gezielten Absetzung dieser Regierung nachdenken. Allerdings fluchte ich schon 2001 bei Aktion gläserner Mensch und großer Lauschangriff, für die Terrorismus als Entschuldigung genutzt wurde…

  • http://www.unwesen.de/ unwesen

    Jo, die Idee – und andere Ideen dieser Art – sind nicht neu, aber es ist immer wieder frustrierend, so etwas zu lesen.

  • http://www.norman-liebold.de Norman Liebold

    Jo. Jojo. Johoho… soundsoviel Männer auf der Kiste der toten Individualität, welcher ihrerseits wiederum den Wahn der Individualisierung erzeugt….

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