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Terrorized By The Government

Stealing a line from a friend of mine, “I don’t know why people talk about a war against terror, when the terrorists clearly have won”.

Apparently, in his war against terror, our easily-terrified Minister Schäuble has convinced even our Chancellor, that secret online searches of your computer by the government should become a legal tool for our police to use.

So how does this work? Somehow, you’re supposed to install a trojan horse on your computer. That’s right, one of those types of malicious software, usually lumped together with other types of malicious software under the term “computer virus1. Yep, provided by our own government.

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  1. Though technically, trojans are not viruses, but no less malicious. []


Cute kitty!

Fist of all, let me apologize for the animation here. I usually dislike animated GIFs, as they tend to distract from what I’d really like to focus on – but this one is just too cute, and fits the subject somewhat.

I wanted to write a short follow-up to my previous post on learning, lies and trust, with an observation about happiness. Given that this previous post was already growing pretty long, I decided a new post was in order – let’s hope this one will be shorter1.

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  1. No, at this point of writing I don’t usually know how long posts grow. I do reread post before publishing them, but don’t actually follow any structure rigidly laid out in advance. I like to surprise myself, I suppose. []