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Album: Aborted – The Purity of Perversion

Hmm, yes. An album to which the question of whether it’s any good is a resounding “maybe”. I don’t know if I’m just put off by the over-the-top gory cover art or if there’s a good reason, but I can’t quite make my mind up about this one.

Aborted have definitely produced a very solid recording here. Select sound snippets from various horror movies manage to set the mood here and there. The riffing ranges from pretty good to excellent. The song structures offer a few surprises, the songs on this recording definitely offer more than a straight line from intro the the ending notes.

On the negative side, the drumming is less than imaginative (I’ve heard worse, though), and a large part of each song is made up of semi-random “melodic” parts that work for Morbid Angel, but somehow don’t take off here.

Overall I get the impression that the band knows very well the elements that make up a good Death Metal song, and even have an idea of how arrangement of these elements affects the song, but lack any idea or motivation for each song beyond attempting to be “brutal”. It’s sad, really, because in a very few parts – by chance or otherwise – this record is outstandingly good.